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Ethan Philbrick is a cellist, composer, and writer who uses performance and text to activate historical archives and locate new ways of being together. Philbrick holds a PhD in performance studies from New York University and is currently a visiting assistant professor of performance studies at Muhlenberg College. Recent performance works include Choral Marx at NYU Skirball (2018), 10 Meditations in an Emergency at The Poetry Project (2019), March is for Marches with Morgan Bassichis at Triple Canopy (2019), Disordo Virtutum at Museum of Art and Design (2020), and Slow Dances at The Kitchen Video Viewing Room (2020). Philbrick’s writing has been published in academic journals such as TDR, PAJ, ASAP/Journal, Women and Performance, and Studies in Gender and Sexuality. 

“Nun of the above: Jess Barbagallo on Ethan Philbrick’s Disordo Virtutum,“ Artforum, July 2020 

“‘Choral Marx’ Sets ‘The Communist Manifesto’ to Music” by JW McCormack, The Nation, November 2018 

“come on, get it!” by Fred Moten, The New Inquiry, February 2018

contact: ethan . philbrick @ gmail . com