10 meditations in an emergency

“10 meditations in an emergency” is a piece of music for cello, voice, and recorded sound that doubles as a series of meditation exercises for living through modernity’s ongoing emergencies. Beginning with a series of textual shards from Frank O’Hara’s 1957 Meditations in an Emergency (“in times of crisis we must all decide again and again whom we love,” “everything is turbulent and green,” “the open flesh of the world,” “I could never be a boy,” “once you are helpless you are free”), the piece submerges O’Hara’s text in morphing sonic environments in an attempt to pay attention to what O’Hara’s ghost might have to offer us in the present.

10 meditations promo shoot 1

Performed at Museum of Arts and Design (February 2019), The Poetry Project (June 2019), and Almanack Arts Colony (August 2019).

Photography and video by Amelia Golden.