Choral Marx: Manifesto for the Communist Party in Eight Movements

“Choral Marx: Manifesto for the Communist Party in Eight Movements” is a singing adaptation of Samuel Moore’s 1888 English traslation of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’s 1848 Manifesto for the Communist Party. It is a piece for mixed chorus—mixed not just in terms of gendered voice parts but also in terms of training and ability—made up of vocalists from both the contemporary music scene and socialist organizing communities, accompanied by the composer on cello. Choral Marx re-sounds Marx and Engels’s critique of capitalism in the present and explores the resonance of the Manifesto today.


Performed at NYU Skirball, October 2018 by Benjamin Bath, Gelsey Bell, Sarah Chihaya, Hai-ting Chinn, Tomás Cruz, Amirtha Kidambi, Gizelxanath Rodriguez, and Ryan Tracy; costumes by effie bowen; assistant directed by Kristen Holfeur.


Photography by Ian Douglas, video by The Fleet.