Klezmer for Beginners with Morgan Bassichis at Abrons Arts Center

morgan and ethanThree nights of highly relatable stories set to infectious Klezmer music to the Playhouse at Abrons Arts Center. In Bassichis’ own words, “What I lack in hard skills I more than make up for in catchy melodies and wacky twists.” Featuring klezmer luminaries Eva Boodman on trumpet, Christina Crowder on accordion, and Debra Kreisberg on clarinet. Each night will include special visitations from legends in the New York klezmer scene–Jenny Romaine (April 11), Alicia Svigals (April 12), and Eve Sicular (April 13).

Use promo code KLEZ15 for discount tickets: https://www.abronsartscenter.org/program/world-premiere-morgan-bassichis-klezmer-for-beginners/

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Six pieces for solo cello and string quartet

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On April 14th I’ll be performing a new series of pieces of solo cello and video as well as a new piece for string quartet and reader called “Atmospheric Administration” at Dixon Place.  I’ll be joined by Natalia Steinbach, Concetta Abatte, and Molly Goldman.



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