Ethan Philbrick is a cellist, artist, and writer. He holds a PhD in performance studies from New York University and has taught at Pratt Institute, Muhlenberg College, New York University, Wesleyan College, Yale University, and The New School. He is currently curator-in-residence at The Poetry Project.


Group Works: Art, Politics, and Collective Ambivalence (2023)

“Group Works offers not only a rich and fascinating academic exploration of artistic small-group formations past and present but also a tentative scaffolding to experiment with our forms of reading and study. By asking how we come into and out of groups, how they coalesce and disassemble, the book invites readers to join in and elaborate its collective impulse.” -Laura Nelson, e-flux

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The Waterfront Journals
(with Justin Wong)

Wesleyan University Center for the Arts (2023)

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(with Ned Riseley)

Flower Spider Cow (January 2023 reading at KAJE)


DAYS performing "Big Big Room" at The Poetry Project New Years Marathon 2024 from Ethan Philbrick on Vimeo.


Slow Dances

(with Anh Vo, Tess Dworman, Niall Jones, Tara Aisha Willis, nibia pastrana santiago, and Moriah Evans)

The Kitchen Video Viewing Room (2020)

Montez Press Radio (2022)

Ethan Philbrick with Anh Vo, Tess Dworman, Niall Jones, Tara Aisha Willis, nibia pastrana santiago & Moriah Evans, “Slow Dances” from The Kitchen on Vimeo.


The Gay Divorcees
(with Robbie Acklen, Lauren Bakst, Lauren Denitzio, Paul Legault, Joshua Thomas Lieberman, Ita Segev, and Julia Steinmetz) (2021)


March is for Marches
(with Morgan Bassichis)

Triple Canopy (2019)



10 Meditations in an Emergency

The Poetry Project (2019)

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (2020)

10 meditations in an emergency // excerpt 2 from Ethan Philbrick on Vimeo.


Choral Marx: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’s Manifesto for the Communist Party in Eight Movements

“At times overwhelmingly beautiful, the performance is nevertheless extremely strange—this is, after all, a room where Karl Marx’s sentiment that “all that is solid melts into air” becomes a refrain both hypnotic and monotonous.” -J.W. McCormack, The Nation



Suite for Solo Cello and Audience

Suite for Solo Cello and Audience from Ethan Philbrick on Vimeo.