10 x 10 (or, THE DECAMERON)

with Charlie Alguera, Alice Banta, Ky Dates, Tommy Gedrich, Alex Goldman, Celeste Samson, Ruhani Singh, Desire Suarez, Piper Woods, and Elliot Zaifman; visuals by Lauryn Siegel
Muhlenberg College, April 2021

In Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron (1353), ten young people retreat to a rural estate for ten days during the final moments of a horrific epidemic to pass the time by telling stories. For 10 x 10 (or, The Decameron), ten young people gathered for ten online rehearsals in the midst of a series of epidemiological and political crises to create a new online performance each night. Together, these performances became an evening-length online work that took Boccaccio’s text as a historically mobile procedure to collaboratively explore the relationship between loss and diversion, struggle and narrative, plague and play.

10 x 10 (or, The Decameron) // excerpts from Ethan Philbrick on Vimeo.